An hour or so before work

Just a quick doodle using my wacom before work <3


Mod Podge, Cabinets and Specialty Paper

Cabinets that I found on a curbside pick-up

they are in nice shape
had all the original hardware

mod podge black paper

front and sides

I used a lot of it- to soak in
press on the specialty paper as i went- did it in sections
just after application- It forms into the contours beautifully,
The more modge podge you use the better
dried the paper became slightly transparent in spots
Close up of handle and that transparency
finished cabinet- Sorry for the bad picture quality


Magic The Gathering DND sheet redesign

My fiancé and I started playing a MTG DND campaign and I hated the sheets- they weren't as functional as i would have wanted so I redesigned them for our group
Here is a link to download the original

mtg dnd, magic the gathering, dungeons and dragons, player sheet, better player sheet, racheal kimmy


How to make a screen print- could be used on virtually any surface

I saw someone use this method online to put little hearts on her t-shirt, so i thought I'd give it a try

Mod Podge and an embroidery hoop
on the embroidery hoop is panty hoes with the mod podge already applied and dried
scroll to the end to see that process

this is a small dragon design that I made earlier

apply paint- if you are doing this for a t-shirt make sure its not a paint that will wash off

surround the design

pat the paint around

then smear some off

slowly pull up


My dragon is a little rough because the material wasn't tight enough on the hoop

here are all the tries I did

Ok since i didn't show how i applied the mod podge here is a different design showing how

draw a design onto the stretched panty hoes- i drew mine on paper first then copied it over

as you paint on the mod podge let your line show

Let first coat dry

then go back and fill in all the tiny holes

I havnt used this design for any thing just yet-
 but I promise that when I do They will be up the very next day