rabbit cage design

ok so this is a little less artsy than what i usually post, but it is still something that i made and.... i think that when its done and built my rabbit with be all like "AAWWWWESOME!"

as you can see in this picture the cage will have 3 floors and
storage underneath, a sturdy frame and lots of room

In this picture you can better see the mess removal tray- this is for quick cleanup      
also it this pictue note the middle floor has the ability to be sealed off.. creating 2 2story cages
also i want the ramps to be able to fold up and make this cage temporarily into a 4 cage unit

 i have discussed this at length and eventually we want to breed out own rabbits- a small home run rabbitry, we hope to breed something between these rabbit types-

So basically we are aiming for the smallest fluffiest, cutest teeny bunny ever this is all eventual- our first step will probably be our bunny megs- and a netherland dwarf and megs is a lion head- so it should all turn out pretty damn cute :)



been doodling all morning one of them is for a friend the other ones are just up for grabs :) enjoy

these are me doodling- i was trying to represent love- both sides

this one is for tyler- its for his arm to stretch to his back



its a bee, its to represent my father and me-
 when i was a little girl i use to catch bees and gift them to him
 as i ran back outside to catch another, he also use to|
 call me busy bee ( and still does )
 <3 ya dad


"These are the things"

this is an illustration of my buddy josh, this was for a type class
those are his own rap lyrics as a texture