Some more

inspiration from todd lockwood's dragons 



Orange Juice is my fav drink- so I made this display- last one for the night


Camper Shadowbox Design

Ok so this design is a shadowbox that is very large so that people can walk around the display and see the various items they could buy for a camp-out or backyard bonfire

layout of display- and labels of what all it could sell ( s'mores items)

some sketches of the animals and a small list of what it could be used to sell

drawing of the box

this is kind-of difficult to understand, but its the design for the fire
its a fan w light fabric and ribbon, theres a light, and it would lay on little risers
this would add a little eye catching movement to the display

Halloween aisle design

 Ok, so i have been working on some advertising concepts because of a recent job interview, I figure that if i start working a little bit on it ill understand the job a little more, I dont know if my logic is all there but, this is some of what i have started

enter sign- would be a bit more scary and less anthropomorphic-like art style

what it would look like walking down the aisle to the candy section
(the eyeballs are balloons.. ive seen them on sale at giant eagle)

stand alone shelf, nearby

inside the haunted aisle, along the side

First Time With Wood Burner

It's actually surprisingly difficult to use a wood burner, it wants to just go along with the grain, This was just a bit of scrap wood I found along side the road in southside, next time I want to get a better bit of wood something better sanded and less grainy. If anyone has any tips or tricks please let me know


Trying my hand..

Some charcoal pencil on black paper, just trying my hand at this medium...
 I plan on getting better, and ill post some more stuff later


Classic supermarket shoppers

I had an idea while at work, so I went home and made it.


New Kinetic Typography Try

Newest try for doing some kinetic typography-
 next time I will try to do it with the sound
like have it as part of a monologue 


kinetic- first try

First attempt at kinetic type

Welcome to the Garden

found a piece of wood walking home, it was a unique green color that
 i decided to take an hour or so and paint it up really pretty- for sale? maybe, 
either that or it could serve as a gift to my mothers garden- 
but then again i have already made her a million welcome signs
this is a pic from my backyard garden

bunny <3