rabbit cage design

ok so this is a little less artsy than what i usually post, but it is still something that i made and.... i think that when its done and built my rabbit with be all like "AAWWWWESOME!"

as you can see in this picture the cage will have 3 floors and
storage underneath, a sturdy frame and lots of room

In this picture you can better see the mess removal tray- this is for quick cleanup      
also it this pictue note the middle floor has the ability to be sealed off.. creating 2 2story cages
also i want the ramps to be able to fold up and make this cage temporarily into a 4 cage unit

 i have discussed this at length and eventually we want to breed out own rabbits- a small home run rabbitry, we hope to breed something between these rabbit types-

So basically we are aiming for the smallest fluffiest, cutest teeny bunny ever this is all eventual- our first step will probably be our bunny megs- and a netherland dwarf and megs is a lion head- so it should all turn out pretty damn cute :)



been doodling all morning one of them is for a friend the other ones are just up for grabs :) enjoy

these are me doodling- i was trying to represent love- both sides

this one is for tyler- its for his arm to stretch to his back



its a bee, its to represent my father and me-
 when i was a little girl i use to catch bees and gift them to him
 as i ran back outside to catch another, he also use to|
 call me busy bee ( and still does )
 <3 ya dad


"These are the things"

this is an illustration of my buddy josh, this was for a type class
those are his own rap lyrics as a texture


Older stuff brought back

This is an illustration based on a popular DnD story on the web
the read the original story CLICK HERE

She is one of my prides... and one day possibly a tattoo

These are variation tolby's from my earlier designed business cards


the starving artist

GREAT NEWS!.. as i was chowing down on some ramen.. i got a txt- My sister will be buying me a new camera! - SOON I WILL POST MORE!



Schrödinger's Cat

I was in class when i thought of this- it started as a lil sketch and i took it
 into PS-CS5 and went all the way- please tell me what ya think!
i want more traffic- AND DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME!
help out a struggling artist!


Adobe Uterus

lol- a lil something that i came up with in my free time-



these are all items from around the world-
 ... can u guess where from?
the first one is easy


Looking, Seeing

My Kitchen Window- everyday I wake up and make oatmeal, I see this.
Sometimes i grow tired of the city- and I forget that it too has beauty


I call it Culture.

Culture: its not meant to be truly understood why it happens, all we know is that it is unique, grotesque at times and an ever dying way to understand those around us. May you love that which u do not understand.


Sadly Sorry

I'm sorry I have not posted in a while- im busy working and crying over my broken computer... and now camera too : / - but besides that i will be having some new stuff soon some really great stuff is on the way! I PROMISE!


These are for sale- as soon as i frame them :)

I just made these lil things- cute lil quiet illustrations, sorry they are sideways- 
again... sadly my computer is broke and this one has 0 editing software

this was a tester- how the mediums would interact

nother tester


These are all sketches- from my books-
 a beautiful random assortment-
I hope you enjoy, please comment!

P.S. sorry sum are sideways- my Mac broke :( - im accepting donations :)

thats me- i look a lil-asian, but its all about inspiration and influence

gorillaz version 

terry <3


step one: cut it out
sequal: keep on keeping on

a mix dragon, silver and mercury

All of my D-n-D Dragon Notes

a lil peek of my love

study on sitting

post apocalyptic female warrior

Human Remains

"If" i get enough $ > this is my chandra outfit :)

lion inspiration

Tolby holding a magic card





"The hunt of Innocence"
this is a piece about children and the monsters that hunt them-
 the little girl who has to grow up too fast

1 inner turmoil 

2 (helps to show cut-out)

Princess of seasons- done on a receipt

Life's pull

Logos for washing hands


this was made by my hand- its pretty big if you guys want a bigger pic

Angel Fish

Some old "Z"s that i was workin on for a friend

"i am an ugly song bird?"

Guess where?

epic hat man from the park

interpretation of a friend

randomness made by my hand

a lonely rose
a drop of rain
separate nothing
but together
they bloom
a poem- by Racheal