These are all sketches- from my books-
 a beautiful random assortment-
I hope you enjoy, please comment!

P.S. sorry sum are sideways- my Mac broke :( - im accepting donations :)

thats me- i look a lil-asian, but its all about inspiration and influence

gorillaz version 

terry <3


step one: cut it out
sequal: keep on keeping on

a mix dragon, silver and mercury

All of my D-n-D Dragon Notes

a lil peek of my love

study on sitting

post apocalyptic female warrior

Human Remains

"If" i get enough $ > this is my chandra outfit :)

lion inspiration

Tolby holding a magic card





"The hunt of Innocence"
this is a piece about children and the monsters that hunt them-
 the little girl who has to grow up too fast

1 inner turmoil 

2 (helps to show cut-out)

Princess of seasons- done on a receipt

Life's pull

Logos for washing hands


this was made by my hand- its pretty big if you guys want a bigger pic

Angel Fish

Some old "Z"s that i was workin on for a friend

"i am an ugly song bird?"

Guess where?

epic hat man from the park

interpretation of a friend

randomness made by my hand

a lonely rose
a drop of rain
separate nothing
but together
they bloom
a poem- by Racheal

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