Reddit June 2



Castle prototype for class

Pass along the info: My castle making classes are on Wednesday March 30th at 630pm or Saturday April 2nd at 4pm. Price is $25/person anyone interested have to contact Little House Big Art to reserve a spot!

And here are the original Castles, way back in the day, my brother and I made these in 2nd grade

A few of my face planters


DND Character for Redditor

Tried something a little different with this one 
and I ran it through trace in illustrator for a more stamp-like feel.


Bedside Table

This little guy is still looking for a home.

Sea Creature

I love drawing stuff from the sea, this monster was from some time I spent in a park downtown.


This is one of my husband's DND NPC characters. He is one of my favorite very complex characters that Terry has built.

This was drawn on one of those free sketch apps.


"We both knew that this has been coming for a while now..."

I was listening to some poetry on youtube, as I often do to get inspired, and one person wrote a poem that consisted of sentences and phrases that could be in either a love letter or a suicide note. This line in particular really struck me, I could feel the essence of this being absolute anxiety. so I did a quick painting of how 'on edge' that the line made me feel, and how the tunnel vision of that moment might warp reality.


An Attack From the Deep

guache- mixed media

I was sitting on the couch when this image shot into my head, it felt like a creativity attack- so I tried out some new paints and painted what I thought. I was going to sell it but upon showing it to my friend she simply had to have it- which was better than an monetary amount.


My new christmas card

Our first christmas card as a married couple, Drawn and designed by me :)


Minecraft Chests

Ok, Im looking to sell a recent peice that Ive made- Its a minecraft chest, handcrafted from a wooden wine box- I's really like to see $30 for it